The Busy Budgeter Income Reports

The Busy Budgeter Income Reports

We started collecting income reports for The Busy Budgeter back on December 2015 and have compiled income data from 7 reports and so far have $135,724.89 in total reported income. When you break that down, that is almost $19,389.27 per monthly income report.

Income Statistics

This chart represents the monthly reported income by The Busy Budgeter. We currently have 7 income reports totaling $135,724.89 in income.

Monthly Income Reports

Year Month Income
2016June$20,557.28[view report]
2016May$22,930.97[view report]
2016April$24,680.25[view report]
2016March$12,484.68[view report]
2016February$39,239.57[view report]
2016January$9,362.64[view report]
2015December$6,469.50[view report]

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